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Don't let the college admissions process keep you from making great memories with your friends and family


What is the Standout College Application Program?

The Standout College Application program is a proven system that helps students create STANDOUT college applications that help them come across as memorable, relatable, and likeable through identifying their unique strengths and building upon them to create an application that highlights your teen's character, interests, and strengths. 

Anna Ren has helped hundreds of students since 2012 strengthen their odds in college admissions through the use of effective templates, resources, and admissions insights. She's excited to bring that to more families now through the Standout College Application program, which includes a course, LIVE Q&A sessions, and a community where you can post questions any time and get them answered by Anna. 

Reasons to Join the Standout College Application Program

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Access to Anna

Clients can post any burning questions in the platform and Anna will respond within 2 business days.

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Reduce Stress

We can offer clarity and reduce stress in the home by being the go-to resource for what students can and/or should be doing.

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LIVE Q&A Calls 

From workshops to Q&As, our LIVE virtual events will further support your family's admissions journey.

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Service Discounts

Supplement the wealth of knowledge and resources in this program with exclusive discounts on 1-on-1 meetings and essay revision services

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College Prep Course

Our comprehensive college prep course is conveniently located within our community platform makes it easy to complete each step of the application.

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Proprietary Tools

Get access to exclusive templates, tools, and resources that our one-on-one clients get. From Hall of Fame Essay examples to a comprehensive college application tracker, we've got you covered. 

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