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"Since my daughter was the first child in our family and we didn’t have any experience with the college application process, we decided to hire a college planner at the start of her junior year.  After interviewing multiple college planners, we finally chose Elite Advantage Prep: one of best decisions we made. 

Anna is very knowledgeable and worked tirelessly with my daughter during the entire journey.  We were more than impressed by her diligence, patience and hard work.  During the process, Anna helped my daughter develop many life skills such as public speaking and writing concisely and efficiently.

Looking back, we feel that one thing we could have done better was to start the planning process earlier, ideally from 9th grade, so that there would be more time to develop a more well rounded portfolio.  

We would strongly recommend Anna if your family and your children need support for the college application process. Thank you for helping my daughter get into her dream school, UPenn."

K.H. (UPenn Parent)

She seemed to immediately 'get' who my daughter was as a person and took great care to lead her essays in a direction that would reflect and respect my daughter's values. Anna provided clear and detailed outlines to keep writing on topic.  Her follow through and follow up throughout the process were flawless and she is an extremely personable and approachable professional. 

M.W. (Barnard Parent)

"Our family had the pleasure of working with Anna through high school into a freshman year admission. When our son decided to apply for a transfer, she never hesitated to offer help and was eager to assist us again with her insights, advice and edits of essays. She is a consummate professional and was an invaluable amount of help in the application process-both times!"

K.O. (UPenn Parent)

I am looking for words that describe how grateful we are. The essay flows very naturally and has very positive tone. You enabled him to connect sports to his  work ethics.​ You probably heard by now from my son about his acceptance into his first choice. We are all thrilled! 

S.H. (Vassar Parent)


Helen - Vanderbilt
Simran - UPenn


"Elite Advantage Prep is the best option because it doesn't teach you to be the most interesting applicant, it teaches you to be the most interesting person, which will naturally translate into being the most interesting applicant. You get the best of both worlds - you're a great applicant and your application doesn't sound fake!"

A.S. (Princeton University)

 "Anna really cares! She wants you to succeed and while at times she may come across as a little bit blunt, she genuinely worries about you. She tries her best to help you through all your confusion and challenges. She and her team of editors work to bring out the best in you. You may get tired and want to give up, they don't!"

U.G. (Boston University BSMD)

"At the end of my college application journey, I realized that most things you advised me about- application strengths/weaknesses, whether or not I applied early, level of demonstrated interest - proved to be absolutely correct. You also make the process ten times less stressful due to the fact that I was able to manage my activities and classes while remaining organized with my applications." 

A.P (Harvard University)

"Prior to working with Elite Advantage Prep, I was worried about finding a diverse range of schools that would be the right fit for me as well as choosing essay topics that would portray the aspects of my personality and my application that I wanted to highlight. I'm extremely grateful for their expertise (especially in regards to identifying the atmosphere of a school and recommending specific programs within each college that would match my interests)."

V.Y. (Dartmouth College)

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your help, I truly could not have been this successful without you. I appreciate all the extra time you took to make sure my essays were nothing less than great, and I especially appreciate your honesty. Thanks again."

A.S. (Case Western Reserve University)

"Thank you so much for everything you did to help me. I think that you helped my applications really stand out everywhere I applied."

A.D. (Williams College)

"Anna was an incredible resource in helping me really extract those key moments and themes in my life that shaped me as a person that a lot of the times was difficult for me to even see for myself.  The final product ended up being something that I was truly very proud of. "

C.S.  (Vanderbilt University)

"The essays and everything were always groomed to perfection, and I never submitted an application that I wasn't proud of because I knew that each supplement and each essay all together represented who I was as a person. And I'm really grateful to Anna, for being able to pull that out."

S.R. (University of Pennsylvania)

"Without your help, there is no way I would've gotten into UPenn. Thanks to you I not only got my college essays done way prior to the deadline, but was also able to develop life skills such as writing concisely and not talking like a valley girl that will undoubtedly help me succeed in the future."

K.H. (University of Pennsylvania)

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