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Choose the option that best fits your preferences and budget - so you never pay more than you need to.

College admissions is more competitive than ever and Elite Advantage Prep understands how stressful the process can be. Elite Advantage Prep prides itself on helping students and families diversify their options while helping the student standout through a range of services that includes college selection, coaching, essay brainstorming, mock interviewing, and more. 

A La Carte services

Only need assistance with part of the application process? Sign up for only what you need.


Access all the exclusive content and resources our 1-on-1 students use to achieve their results all at your own time and pace with our online programs. From life coaching to crafting a memorable essay, we've got you covered.

Hybrid group program

Get access to our expertise and resources in a group setting that includes   guidance and support on the college application with a community of peers - that's also cost effective.

dedicated customized

Get dedicated, personalized 1-on-1 guidance and support on all aspects of the application process to help your student achieve their ultimate potential.

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