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Elite Advantage Prep offers services that range from helping students get involved in activities and selecting the best classes to helping them with brainstorming and outlining a memorable and authentic personal essay. 

College List Development


Based on your academic and personal goals, interests, and preferences, we will develop a list of schools for you to consider applying to. Includes two 30-minute discussion sessions and list.

Academic and Activity Resume Planning


One-hour session to review academic profile, classes, and activities to identify and plan for areas of improvement. 

Personal Essay Brainstorm


One hour session to brainstorm for main essay topics based on the different prompts. Once the topic has been selected, we will outline the essay together. You will receive pre-work materials beforehand to maximize our time together

Essay Review


Have you already written your essay? Want to know if you're on the right track. Our expert will review your essay and return it with comments. Can be one essay up to 750 words or multiple short essays combined for a max of 750 words.

Ace Your Interview


Some elite schools will require an interview as part of the admissions process. Run through a mock interview with real commonly asked questions. You'll receive comments on how you can improve and how to best prepare.

General Consulting


We consult on everything related to the college admissions process. If you have questions or what you're looking for isn't covered by one of these listed services, we also offer general consulting on an hourly basis to cover anything else you may need. 

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