Be More than a Number

As students apply for college, it is understandable that many are concerned about their standardized test scores. Many families hire private tutors or help their students enroll in prep classes. The truth is, while it is important, more and more colleges and universities recognize that there is a correlation between strong test scores and family income, since wealthier families are able to afford the extra tutoring. As a result, the weight given to these scores are slowly decreasing at schools across the country.

Which is why is it important to not only worry about your scores. Be more than just your standardized test score. Work hard in school and try to get the best GPA you are capable of. Show admissions that you are driven and unafraid of a challenge - take those harder honors and AP classes. Show them you've got initiative - start your own club. Get involved with activities that help you build your teamwork and leadership skills.

You are more than your score. Take the time to think about what unique attribute or talent you can offer that school and community. Consider sharing that in your admissions essay and/or interview. Write a really strong and personal essay that either shares something about your personality, interests, or values.

As you apply for school and get updated test scores, don't forget to revise your list based on your new scores. Consider schools that are test blind. Some schools will take an extra essay or additional letter of recommendation instead of your score. Keep your options open and no matter what happens - know that you are more than your score. You've got a lot to offer the world and it cannot be defined a few numbers.

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