Believe in Yourself

There's about a little bit over a month left before college applications are due and it makes me think of my own journey over a decade ago. One of the things I wish someone had told me was to believe in yourself and to take chances.

As you finalize your list and apply for schools, make sure you include some "reach" schools. Schools that you'd love to go to, even if they odds are low. You never know what a school is looking for that year and perhaps you hold the skill or talent they want to complete their class. Don't underestimate yourself. It's important to have a list of balanced schools. It may result in a few rejections, but if all of your schools accept you, then you may be wondering "what if" for the schools you thought may have been too hard to get into.

I didn't think I was qualified to apply to top tier schools. My brother had visited and spent a summer at Georgetown and said I'd love it there. My father and I both felt I didn't have what it took to be accepted into such a prestigious school and then my brother suggested I apply anyway. "You never know," he said. So I applied to Georgetown last minute and sent in my application the day it was due.

I did end up going to Georgetown and it has transformed my life. It has given me more opportunities than I ever thought possible. Dare to dream and dare to take chances. You never know where the road will lead you. Don't cut your road unnecessarily short. Explore all options and make sure you have a balanced list of schools to apply to.

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