Good morning! Hope you all had a wonderful Easter holiday!

Hopefully, by now, all your seniors should have received your college results from the various schools you applied to. As I have been reviewing these results from my students, I've realized that there's been a balance between disappointment and amazement. For some students, they were accepted into all the schools they applied to and it is a great achievement. However, that also means they may not have pushed themselves far enough in terms of the schools they chose to apply to. Some of them, although happy and proud of their accomplishment, may be stuck wondering "what if?" What if they had applied for that really reach school? Would they have gotten in? Many are also just happy exactly as they are with the options that are available to them, since their goal was to stay local.

There are other students who received letters of rejection and being wait listed. I would say that those are "healthy" results, because they picked some that they knew they were capable of getting into, while mixing it with some that might be more difficult. What surprised me though was how many thought they would get into those most competitive schools and were terribly disappointed by the results. It may be a sign of the times or how parents are raising their kids these days, but for many of those students, these results were humbling. They didn't realize that these schools were like shooting for the moon. Although they are outstanding students, this may be the first time, they realize just how big the pool is. They have good grades and scores, but they truth is, they do need to be in the top 3% of their class for example or they needed more leadership positions. Schools are much more competitive than they have ever been. I created an infographic to demonstrate just how competitive it is to get into the Ivies this year. Hopefully, this helps those students understand that they were great candidates and accept that they did they best they could.

As the next class gets ready to start their college application search and process, they should take a good look at what they have to offer, just as it is. If they are able to do this, then they can pick a healthy mix of safety, target, reach, and extreme reach schools. No matter what the results are though, I truly believe we end up where we are meant to be and at least all of them are happy with having options to go to some amazing schools that are a good fit for them.

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